Zodiac Starforce:  

Cries of the Fire Prince #1

My first dip into the compelling Zodiac Starforce team has been an absolute treat.
I must admit, I have not read the previous series detailing these five ladies’ lives, but after reading the first issue I am compelled to. Zodiac Starforce is a bubbly American version of Sailor Moon, there is no doubt that they have been compared before, and will again. From their can-do attitude to their colour coded costumes, they fit the bill.
Live and kicking stories from Kevin Panetta and tantalising art from Paulina Ganuncheau. Not to mention the pastel-punk palette Sarah Stern whipped together, this girl power team might have it all.
Panetta’s storyline is brilliant fun; your standard superheroes with normal life issues. Mixed with a nostalgia that has anyone of a certain age yearning to rewind a couple of decades. He manages to offer the right balance of character building backstory and Ganucheau has a knack for combining varied art styles. Her cutesy, whimsical costumes and appearance of the ZS team are a far cry from their power and capability. Yet, they are practical and not overly sexualised. Her sinister headless devils wouldn’t go amiss in an East of West issue, and as beautiful as sorceress Alice is, her expressions are expertly manipulated by Ganucheau to unveil a twisted and bitter enemy.
This series continues where the previous series left off so you may want to invest in the previous paperback. But, if you have seen and read enough high powered female-led action I’m sure you can connect the dots. If you are an adversary to feminism and girl power though, then you should sit this one out. These girls are in control of their own destiny, superpowers, monsters and lovers.
The first issue includes a lot of high paced dynamic battling from the five heroines; as well as an evil nemesis, Alice, plotting against them in a slower paced side story. Don’t let the funny relationship dramas from Kimberley and Emma deceive you, the story will darken dramatically.
Sit back and enjoy this, perhaps vapid, yet no less magical form of escapism.


-fairly simple use of English

-use of Americanism

-use of slang

-use of SMS language


“gun it” – slang for put your foot on it, accelerate

celestial – coming from the  sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy

“wanna” – slang for “want to”, there are several of these abbreviated slang words

shades – in this case, shades are monsters from the previous ZS volume.

classist – to be prejudice of  someone due to their social status


Not this one, but I am going to invest in their previous paperback instead!


Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Story: Kevin Panetta
Art: Paulina Ganucheau
Colourist: Sarah Stern
Find out more, here

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