Black Cloud #1

Black Cloud #1 offers what looks to be a promising and timeless tale.

Seducing her clientele with the promise of a world and a story far beyond their own’s bores and constraints. Black Cloud’s nameless heroine offers a “drug” as an opening into a world beyond compare. However she is not looking for their business alone, this is a world where she is revered but also hunted. Her name is not one to be used lightly and her enemy is a perilous entity who stalks her with the help of whistleblowers.

Jason Latour and Ivan Brandon’s story is intense and beautiful to watch unfold. A mythical world filled with animalistic people spirals on the very precipice of our own as long as you keep in the company of its leading lady. A lady who can conjure colour in a world of monochrome. You will not gain all the answers you want from the very first issue. However I am sure it is enough to entice a subscription from you.

The fictitious world behind Black Cloud is a papered one, where a single splash of water jeopardises the integrity of its inhabitants colour and their lead is sure to stay out of the rain. She is hired to take the gormless Todd into her fantasy homeland and keep him hidden until his father’s New York re-election is confirmed, but she has bigger problems once she returns to the grayscale land.

Hinkle and Wilson make a great creative team, ink wash and daring lines plus creating an extremely versatile lead who can slip seamlessly from ballgown to hobo. I certainly want to see their envisioned world expand, and their own take on New York unfurl, Hinkle has a proficiency for architecture and scenery that is hard to compete with. I am also in love with Wilson’s use of colour which could perhaps be seen as fragmentary looking at the comic as a whole, but if you take the three different worlds and separate them, his use of colour suits each perfectly.

Prepare for a series of demon battling, spell-binding chases and the occasional slip into our own reality. A character with so much more story to discover and a history worth uncovering.


-slightly more complex than your usual comic

– more traditional use of English

-use of slang, abbreviated English “gotta – got to” “toldja – told you” “oughta – ought to”

-use of SMS language

-use of swear words


reckoning – avenging or punishment for previous mistakes, sins.

sleight – use of cunning to deceive, a trick of the hand

“sauced up” –  drunk or intoxicated by something

Nancy Davis Reagan – the first lady to Republican President Ronald Reagan.

awash – covered, in this case used as a metaphor, to be full of themselves.

“thread that needle” – to find harmony between two conflicting ideals

“eighty-sixed” – old American slang, to be cut off, or barred from entry


Yes, I will be catching up with missed issues and popping this one on my list!


Publisher: Image Comics
Story: jason Latour and Ivan Brandon
Art: Greg Hinkle
Colourist: Matt Wilson
Find out more, here



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