Generation Gone #1

If you’re looking for geeks and freaks and apocalyptic development of superhuman powers, then look no further.

Generation Gone features three young hackers searching for a quick money-making fix to their troubles and futures. As they run through their scheme to hack into a large bank, they are followed remotely by a brilliant scientist working for DARPA intent on developing superhumans whilst avoiding his actual job. Safe to say this comic ticks all the boxes for superhero and science fiction fans.

The story is a complex one with a lot of in-depth knowledge about Mr.Akio’s crazy Project Utopia scheme as well is the military’s ploy to recruit disheartened millennial. There is a lot of in depth information to gear up the series and cover as much ground as possible. Aleš Kot really provides his reader with a wide range of plausible scientific and technical explanations to the storyline, as well as developing the real life struggles of today’s adult generation in America, healthcare, racial tensions, toxic relationships and living with parents.

However despite its heavy detail and complex storyline, the artwork really fails to entice. Andre Lima Araujo really does wonderful work with landscape and scenery creating a complex military robotics factory with ease, however thin lines and sketchy composition do not give the story the excitement and thrill it deserves. That being said his depiction of the final climax does give the comic the punch of life it dearly needs and is startling and original. The colours used by Chris O’Halloran are subtle throughout the series with a stunning primary kick at the end.

The premise is promising and if you are a fan of well-rounded science fiction story lines and governmental agencies trying to one up each other this is probably the plot for you. Everything is about the story in this one. The characters however are clichéd and the artwork feels unpolished.


  • Technical and scientific language
  • Complex use of English
  • Very little slang.


D.A.R.P.A- The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military

Manhattan Project – a research and development undertaking during World War II that produced the first nuclear weapons

Black Hat Hacker-A black hat hacker is someone with a great deal of computer knowledge who tries to break into internet security systems.


No, this one is just not for me.


Publisher: Image Comics
Find out more, here

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