Star Trek Waypoint #6

IDW Publishing

A long term Star Trek fan, mainly TNG, I have never delved into the Star Trek comic series. However Tom Whalen’s terrific Spock homage on the front of #6 was too much for me to miss out on.

The format is perfect for fans of the TV show though, two short stories are compiled in one issue with a specification at the front as to which series the stories are linked to. In the first story you will see a new story from the original Star Trek series, with Kirk, Spock and McCoy all in tow. The second is the visualisation of a series that never happened, Star Trek: Phase Two, and follows the career of Spock’s replacement aboard the Enterprise, a Vulcan called Xon.

Story one has a nostalgic vibe to it and portrays Doctor McCoy and Nurse Chapel in a jeopardised armistice. Christopher Herndon’s wispy style is sometimes quite busy, however I think it suits the original series and the fast paced aspects of the story line well. His hairy looming monsters of the Varanu system remind me of the costume design and era of the TV series. The story line is very heavy on the science fiction and has a complex explanation, but for sci-fi lovers should enjoyable regardless of the amount of dictionary use.

The second story illustrated in a more traditional comic style is a dark and dramatic tale. I have never experienced any Phase Two literature or fan fiction so it was enjoyable as a newcomer. Gabriel Hardman has a fantastic flare for sci-fi, with punchy gory panels and a true understanding of the characters of Captain Kirk, McCoy and the enemy Romulans. The story does not let down and has an excellent twist. The art and lines could perhaps be a little more precise but otherwise a thrilling read.

If sci-fi is your genre then this is the perfect way to learn English, you will need to use a dictionary for more scientific terms, but the use of proper more traditional English will definitely be a bonus. Perfect for Star Trek fans who miss the TV series and can’t wait until the Discovery series is launched!


-The script is much longer than than most comics

-Complex conversations regarding science

-Previous knowledge of Star Trek will be required to understand some terms


factions – a small group within a larger one, who disagree with particular values

transitory- temporary, not permanent

hearsay  – a rumour, gossip heard through word of mouth

squeamish – easily made to feel sick

lacerated – cut into or torn


Another one where I will have to explore previous issues before committing, but definitely looks promising,  it also looks like a series you can dip in and out of without being too lost. Especially looking forward to the new Discovery TV series and comic.



Publisher: IDW Publishing
Story: Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Art: Christopher Herdon, Gabriel Hardman, Tom Whalen
Find out more, here



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