Elsewhere #1

Image Comics

Get ready for one of the best plot lines you will hear all year… Enter a new mysterious planet with two men like creatures escaping a prison in chains. They duck and cover from strange flying vehicles on the way to their freedom, but in the depths of a forest they find an even stranger creature hanging from a parachute in a tree.

This strange creature is a human, and that human is none other than Amelia Earhart.

The issue follows Amelia as she tries to come to terms with how she ended up on this alien planet and where her co-pilot Fred has gone to, and who are her two new alien fugitive friends?

Jay Faerber notes at the end of the comic the desire he had to work with Sumeyye Kesgin after discovering her online, and wanting to build the perfect story together. Sumeyye’s work is clean and bold, however, for my taste I feel that Kesgin may be more suited to animation than print. The characters have so much range and her beasts and creatures are incredibly imaginative, yet I am not sure the true countenance of Amelia Earhart has been captured. Kesgin’s Earhart is a youthful version of the incredible almost 40 year old woman who disappeared. The touching scene where Earhart cries, perhaps is not reflective of the woman who chose to work with amputees rather than return to boarding school. As beautiful as Sumeyye’s work is I feel like it is missing some of the haggard reality of life that this comic, based on real missing people, may deserve. Her Disney-like style is almost too genial for the content.

The plot Faerber has created though is a stroke of genius, despite being a topic that has been used before, the place where the lost things end up. This time it is people, familiar characters from our own history who are being brought back to life despite their mysterious demises from our own world. The idea that they have all been transported or sucked into the realms of another planet is an excellent one, combining a theory Mulder and Scully would be eager to chase with the domestic problems of an alien planet under the authority of a callous dictatorship. The future for this plotline holds endless possibilities.

I am sure the comic will be well received and well loved, the overly cheerful artwork is tempered out somewhat by the dark yet glorious hues of Ron Riley’s palette and Sumeyye has created a fascinating world for Faerber’s cast of lost souls to explore.

Use of English:


  • American colloquial phrases “For Pete’s sake”, “jeepers”
  • Standard English, easy to read


To bail- To leave or escape suddenly from a moving vehicle

Despot – A dictator, an evil ruler with complete control

Unbalanced – Emotionally or mentally disturbed

Stretch – Nickname for a tall slim person


This one is extremely tempting. I am going to order the second and see if it still maintains my interest!



Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jay Faerber

Artist: Sumeyye Kesgin

Colourist: Ron Riley



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