Sun Bakery: Fresh Collection TP

Image Comics


Sun Bakery is a collection of zines and short comics created by Corey Lewis. The themes are varied but mainly dwell on the topics of video game, violence and reflections of modern life, social media etc. His work draws heavily from anime and manga, but there is not a consistent art style throughout, some comics are hand drawn, others in black and white and the majority digitally, exploding with colour. The writing also has no common theme or style, but a lot uses modern slang and text speak. Admittedly, the random and erratic nature of the graphic novel may be difficult for a non-native reader to follow, and even some native English speakers.

The stories and characters include, a world where sword fighting is the norm, planet hopping, Instagram snapping mecha robots, a man with a magical jacket but not much brain, a brokenhearted boy and his friend, a skateboard, fleeing from dog police, and a western centred on malicious mystical prostitute. It is a whirlwind of a ride, that may leave you a little dizzy.

Corey Lewis has an inspirational zest for expressing his own unique creativity, and the imagery of Sun Bakery is wild, vivacious and overwhelming. His artwork varies from being hastily composed to being attractive and on point. I am particularly fond of the structure and electro-pop of Paisley which is textured and vibrant. Dead Naked also sees finely composed line-work with only two colours that really brings focus to the art. The majority of the art contains the pastel gradient which is popular in comics of today, with strong bold lines and immaculately detailed weaponry and robotics. The hand drawn Layer Jacket is simplistic, but overall just seems like unfinished drafts. However the omnipotent Carl Sagan is a treat for your imagination.

Despite Lewis’ incredible artistic ability though, the content is lacking, it is too disjointed to really connect with the characters. I am not fond of the sword-wielding world of “Dream Skills” which Lewis focuses a lot of time on, the main character of this particular story is a vapid wretch called Xasha. The nonchalant and particularly stupid LJ, of “Layered Jacket”, is perhaps a more solid character, only for his misogyny and arrogance. Though I would follow the story of “Dead Naked” if there were more of it, there seems to be a twisted and entertaining story that could be more indulged here. With his writing either Lewis is savagely deriding the modern day’s obsession with consumerism, vanity and violence; or, the latter which is more likely, these are attitudes he respects and lauds of our generation.

This comic is not aimed at me. I am a female audience in my late twenties with a penchant for realistic, longer story-lines in exotic settings. I prefer the grip on reality Brian K Vaughan uses in Y: The Last Man than in Saga. I am not an expert in Manga, however I am in love with the work of Osamu Tezuka. Although, I personally did not enjoy Sun Bakery. I can see it appealing to fans of video games, memes and departing from reality, if only briefly.I was originally drawn to the style of Manga Corey Lewis uses and considered it eye catching and enticing. If it is a comic based on satire than I may have missed it. Perhaps, maybe, I am just way too old for this comic.

Use of English:

  • Heavy on modern slang and shortenings, “I unno if I belie dat= I don’t know if I believe that.” “btw = by the way”
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Words invented by author, i.e. Grumpytroid
  • Lack of grammar


Corporeal – relating to the body

To render – to make, to cause

Aura – a spiritual idea of an essence of sort surrounding a body.

Rigorous – very thorough

Swashbuckling – partaking in daring adventures

To shred – to ride a skateboard aggressively, tirelessly and perhaps dangerously


No. Not one for me, though I would love to see Dead Naked get its own series.



Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Corey Lewis
Artist: Corey Lewis
Colourist: Corey Lewis



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