runaways.pngRunaways #1



My first Marvel review begins with a reboot of a Paper Girls’ Brian K. Vaughan creation: Runaways. A story focused on the lives of the children of supervillains, their previous arcs saw them run away from their nefarious parents and overseeing their parents’ demise. This story follows on from storytelling geniuses, like Vaughan and Whedon, and witnesses the teenagers as young adults. I have not read the previous Runaways stories, but having heard of them I have always been interested and decided now was the perfect time to find out.

This first issue centres on Nico Minoru, a sorceress, and now alone after the disintegration of their former team, but she is about to be thrown back in with her old teammates.Marvel has brought together a fresh team for the revival of this cult classic that has previously struggled to find its feet. Controversial Young Adult writer Rainbow Rowell, who is known for her hard hitting and potty mouthed storylines, Kris Anka who though relatively new to comics has successfully reinvented many X-Men and Marvel heroes and in this story he works alongside the incredibly talented colourist Matt Wilson who has a unique away of making other artists’ work vibrant and vivacious. There’s a lot of intrigue in this group of  miscreants, and their meddling is set to change their history and the future. Rowell provides a quippy and solid plotline really digging deep into the psyche of Nico’s character,  giving previous fans new suspense in reviving Gert and creating a pathetic but desperate  image of Chase clinging on to long lost loves. Not to mention a cliffhanger ending to encourage you to explore issue two.

Kris Anka has a clean style and captures Nico’s character in a new strong and realistic light. This new portrayal of the Runaways is the best so far, they have a lot of style; Anka’s work is bold, creative and encompasses a lot of body types and facial expressions that in the first issue, despite the main scene containing a great deal of dialogue, visually you forget it! The Staff of One alone is set to provide a lot of humour, thrills and wincing; a magic stick that will only produce the same result once means that Nico has to be quick thinking and innovative at every move. Rowell has already created fantastic new moves for Nico to use.With all this, there is just so much scope in store for the brilliant artist and colorist on this story.

Rowell has contrived a very solid basis for this story with a humorous streak and plenty of thrills. The future looks bright for Runaways, and it already seems to be an enthusiastic reboot, turning the old storylines on their head. Especially with the new TV series making its way to screens soon, this is worth a read, or if you fancy a thorough understanding then perhaps dive into the old material first.

Use of English:

  • Standard English
  • Medical terms, anatomical terms: unclamp, sutre, aorta
  • Some reduced words used in panic or slurred


Tranq gun- tranquilising (sedative, calming) gun

Borked – Slang for messed up, doesn’t work properly

Stingy – ungenerous, withholding

Ouija board – A board with the alphabet and “yes” and “no” answers, supposedly used to talk to the dead


No, too much has gone on for me to catch up now, but would perhaps be interested in the Brian K. Vaughan or Joss Whedon previous story arcs.



Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Artist: Kris Anka

Colourist: Matthew Wilson



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