no1 with a bulletill.pngNo. 1 With A Bullet

Image Comics

No. 1 With A Bullet #1 is going to leave you with a sinking feeling that you won’t shake for hours. This comic is going to place you firmly in the reality of our weird and often frightening modern dilemma, the digital world. Augmented reality, instant gratification, tampered ethics and disenfranchised humanity. Not a comic for the faint of heart, this story is going to dissect and scrutinise our very being.

A wild fantasy that may soon become reality,  Jacob Semahn details in the notes that Sony have recently patented the idea to create contact lenses with the ability to film in the first person. In 2011, Charlie Brooker covered this topic in The Entire History of You, an episode of Black Mirror a TV series exploring modern day technology and its effect on our lives. Today, here in No. 1 With A Bullet, Semahn is set to provide a storyline that prequels the world depicted in Black Mirror. A world where augmented reality is just the beginning and we are all just about to be exposed.

Nash is a career-driven, young professional working her way into the TV industry, just entering a serious relationship and still trying to balance the work/life struggle. However that struggle is about to tenfold as her privacy is hacked and exposed. Semahn combines a first person narrative and the traditional comic panel dialogue to tell this warning tale of the future. She is a prime example of a hate to love character, successful and driven yet selfish and arrogant. We watch her vanities and vulnerabilities  unfurl in this first issue.

Jorge Corona is a brilliant artist creating cartoonish yet depraved features and although the flow of the comic is has a disjointed feel, this fragmentation really keeps your eyes bouncing and mind thinking. His art along with the colouring of Jen Hickman has a reminiscence of Martin and Vicente from The Private Eye. Bold block colours alongside powerful silhouettes and characters. The first scene that depicts the TV audience and hosts in Nash’s subconscious as jackal-like demons is incredibly powerful. As the story continues the colours help exaggerate and minimise the more intimate and public moments.

With the current expose on sexual harassment and the possible collision of two Black Mirror universes, Hated in the Nation possibly being the second, collide, I think we’re in for a lot of thrills that reflect our ever evolving society. I don’t believe these ideas are plagiarised, just a natural progression of where we are all heading with regards to technology and the more they are explored, the more prepared we will be to handle them. I hope they steer away from the Black Mirror visions and step into their own nightmarish fantasy.I am expecting great things from Semahn and team, no pressure, as a reader you need to take care to read this first issue through twice so you gather all the information and see how it all ticks. Don’t forget to read the digital prequel as well, available here.


Use of English:

  • Structured English
  • Some reduced words, and some elongated for the benefit of tone, “fiiiine”


Aarp waiver- a waiver to accept medical liability

outfielder – baseball team member

apropos – used when describing something as relevant to the current situation

Old Fashioned – an alcoholic cocktail, whiskey and orange

a tad –  a little bit.


Yes, immediately on the list, I want to see where this storyline is going, it could be a harrowing ride, but I think with this art and writing combination it will still be worth it.



Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jacob Semahn

Artist: Jorge Corona

Colourist: Jen Hickman



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