Ragman #1


This DC reboot features a common mummy based plot line. A special operations team find themselves in Israel, wandering off the beaten track in the pursuit of gold and fortune. Entering of a mystical tomb, they break open a sarcophagus looking for gold. Fast forward to the return of one of the armed officers, Rory Regan, from the treasure hunt  to Gotham City; scarred, confused and stressed. The series of events that occurred months earlier in the crypt unfolds throughout this first issue and we watch Rory fumble through his old life trying to make sense of the grief of losing his comrades and his PTSD. In the final pages of this comic you will discover that not all is as it seems, Rory did not survive unscathed, and his team are not quite where they should be. Monsters are real and they are much closer to home than anyone believes.

Expect a tightknit band of brothers and the characters that evolve with them, distraught family members also on a path of understanding. There is also a set of characters of other scarred soldiers returning from war and their doctor. All of these characters play a bit part to Rory’s role in this first issue and therefore it is hard to feel connected or invested in these just yet. Ray Fawkes focuses on the character’s mental health and the flashbacks of his experiences in Israel, the to and fro of the present and past portrays the fractious memory excellently..

Inaki Miranda has a beautiful style that suits the DC collection extremely well and portrays the intricacies of Ragman in all his glory. Her artwork is modern and detailed and has feels more like Hollywood drama than comic book panels. Eva De La Cruz’s night shades and explosive yellow and orange hues also compliment the hazy night world that is Gotham City. It is to be noted though that the lettering in some parts can be slightly too small to read, especially for those as a non-native speaker, in particular the scenes in the crypt.

As a short six part series it is sure to have its thrills, however I doubt that this series will provide a something new and original, from the start it seems to be rehashing old scripts. I understand reinventing old characters can be a struggle between being original and remaining true to the character, but this story line feels stale.

Use of English:

  • Small text
  • Use of special characters in place of swear words
  • Use of old English, “thyself”- yourself, “art thou” – are you


sarge- slang, shortened use of “sergeant”

coistrel- Old word for soldier

to skulk –  to creep around in sinister manner

Forebear – ancestor

to beshrew – old English word, to summon evil upon something, someone

Pop – American word for dad, father


No, I am not interested in the Ragman series, it looked appealing from afar, but once in hand it doesn’t look all so original.


Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist:Inaki Miranda

Colourist: Eva De La Cruz



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