Justiceleague1.pngJustice League Day #1



This one seems to be a short promo comic for the recently released Justice League film, as well as a graphic novel based on the team.  Having no experience of characters like The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg I decided this may be a nice little icebreaker. The story starts with Batman being hunted by law enforcement whilst pursuing an unearthly being, Green Lantern shortly joins him (seemingly not in the Justice League) and they chase the beast together which leads them to search for Superman.

This comic could almost be a pantomime production of the Justice League, it is over the top and dramatic. Bursting with action, colour and quips the comic has a lot going on but a little tough to chew on. However, in introducing the characters to a new audience the comic meets its goal. Despite Geoff Johns’ overuse of the clichéd Batman jokes the audience gains an origin behind superman and Batman’s meeting. Considering most of the modern world knows Batman’s deal, the jokes are a stale though. In its initial issue this comic seems to be promoting the film and its characters but not much else. Maybe a perfect introduction for newbies to the DC Universe.

The artwork follows suit with regards to the writing, over dramatic and explosive, get ready to experience just about every colour the rainbow has to offer. e Jim Lee is expertly skilled and a , the artwork is heaving with intricate details and  finely formed characters, to express the Green Lantern’s skills can be tricky enough but he manages to with style and grace, the panel over viewing the ghostly fire engines is a nice touch.

The English level is simple and the content is vapid and easily understood, though I find the script clunky and unnatural in places, “It combusted into fire”. However should be more than comprehensible to a non-native speaker.

The comic goes straight to paperback as listed on the final shot and unless you are a complete beginner to the Justice League characters or an avid collector, it’s not one of our recommended purchases. Flashy and technically superior than many comics, it is an exciting perusal.


Use of English:

  • Simple, well structured use of language


To fuse- to combine forms with something else

Subtlety – Delicacy in a subject, being understated

“My beat” – my watch, my responsibility.





Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Jim Lee

Colourist: Scott William



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