Port of Earth #1

Image Comics

In Port of Earth we see Earth turned into an intergalactic space port, where alien creatures and ships use Earth’s natural water supply to fuel their rockets and ships. The world thinks it’s part of a united planetary front until things start getting turned upside down and they discover they have been duped by an extraterrestrial oligarch. Be warned this first issue in this new arc from Image Comics is a talky, but one that promises a lot of action in the issues to come.

There is a lot of possibility within the characters; the mysterious members of the alien consortium are set to be a troublesome foe, and the investigative reporter who is seen to be following the development of the port and alongside the narration and finally the two rebel protection agents with polar opposite personalities. The port has a unique idea with the feel of a Men In Black secrecy, but it’s all on the verge of exposure. The brief appearance of the biologist Emily Golden, makes me wonder whether they may tiptoe into the realm of diseases and pandemics, but there already seems to be a lot going on it maybe chaotic.

Andrea Mutti’s artwork is structurally sound and he has a vivid imagination, but I wish he would step away from the very familiar bipedal alien that is much overused. Vladimir Popov’s use of a washed out ink in dulcet tones is calming given the overall anxiety of the theme, but also allows it to look as though it is an archival record, which suits the first half of the issue extremely well.

The use of English is reasonable, lots of new words for you to get to grips with and it has a formal narration that runs through the first half. There is so much room for expansion in many aspects of this comic series; there is the protection team and their exploration of this new and violent species loose on Earth, a formidable partnership with the Consortium, and the overwhelming fear this too good to be true deal is all going to turn very sour.

Use of English:

  • A straight talking comic with clear concise English
  • Some characters use reduced English
  • Uses its own nouns for aliens and organisations.


Proposition –  an offer, suggested plan, usually in governmental or business terms

Pivotal- momentous, of high importance

Consortium – a fancy term for an association

Blockade – a strategic act to seal an area off to prevent people entering or leaving

Chevron – An oil company in the US

Incursions – attacks, or invasions.

“He’s toast” – “He’s dead”


No, but if you are a fan of alien, space diplomacy dramas then it should be on yours.



Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Zack Kaplan

Artist: Andrea Mutti

Colourist: Vladimir Popov



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