Evolution #1

Image Comics


Blood, gore and convulsions galore, Evolution is a hazy nightmarish imagination of an accelerated process of evolution, and we are the subjects. As exciting as that premise sounds, it’s not going to be all that straightforward. This horror sci-fi sees 3000 years worth of evolution brought into a modern day timeline. The work of witchcraft, or science catching up with us? One thing’s for certain, if there’s a God in this comic, he isn’t taking any prisoners.  

Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd have created the perfect aesthetic for this tenacious horror. The scratchy blotted art with muted and mood inducing colour choices really hark back to 70s and 80s horror films like Argento’s Suspiria. Each scene is flared in a new colour range that begins in the mundane and ends in fiery chapels.The imagery is grotesque and lurks behind every page.

This writing team has really provided fantastic detail and script for opening this comic series. The characters are intriguing and well structured and bring the story to life. The continuation of the series has various routes to keep you guessing; there is the very familiar zombie direction, where the apocalypse is nigh and we’re all going to end very gruesomely. Yet the Dr.Hurley aspect of this story is intriguing, the theories about him seeing the world “differently” could range from him being a scientific genius or mentally deranged. We could be set for a slasher horror series or a psychological whirlwind.

The writing is intriguing, it’s definitely got the drama, and where other horror fantasies seem to overuse the religious aspect, this one doesn’t skirt around the edges. Religion is a focal point, but it’s looking to challenge all your ideas about mortality and morality. All in all set to be a gripping and gruesome tale, with sharp writing and veracious drawing.

Use of English:

  • Some parts of this comic are in German! Bonus!
  • Standard English, very little slang, some reduced words, “Y’know – You know” “Dad’d – Dad would”
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Occasional swear word


Stat – straight away in medical terms

Disgruntled – annoyed

Hallowed – holy or sacred

Hypothesis – theory, proposed explanation


Yes, I would love to, but maybe a trade paperback (it’s Christmas, money is tight) first, then catch up next series.


Publisher: Image Comics

Writers:James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson

Artist: Jon Infurnari

Colourist: Jordan Boyd



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