The Jetsons #1

DC Comics


Rebooting an old beloved TV series Jimmy Palmis and team attempt to revitalise a show about the future that was teeming with the stereotypes and stigmas from the past. In this bold six part series they aim to renew and reassess the original TV series and display a future that a modern day audience would be proud of.

First of all, Elroy Jetson is no longer is squeaky toddling self, but a teenage advancement, and a considerate and thoughtful character with an apprehensive nature. Secondly Jane Jetson has a huge upgrade, no longer the ditsy airhead of her 60s invention, only concerned with shopping and keeping up appearances, Jane instead is a key member of a governmental body trying to prevent earth’s seemingly second Armageddon. Judy and George remain similar characters to their TV alter egos, Judy the popular self-concerned teenager and George the workaholic still bending to his boss’s every word.

The art is smart and detailed and Pier Brito manages to bring aspects of the old costumes and decor to the new revamp. There is a plethora of colours provided by Alex Sinclair, swathes of beautiful blues incorporated for the drowned earth and endless space, but the colours are mismatched and overwhelming overall. However it would have been nice to see more of a resemblance to the original cartoon series, though this may have detracted from the seriousness of the comic content.

A chic new script and modernised new artwork that keeps in tone with the DC catalogue, I think that the team can be proud of the new Jetsons. The storyline proposes a tantalizing Armageddon plot for the new Jetson family and they are all going to become intertwined in this devastating mission to save the inhabitants of water-world earth.

Use of English:

  • Well structured and detailed
  • Some slang but not enough to confuse you


Sterilizer – sanitising machine to remove bacteria in this instance

To accent – to emphasize something

Abrasion – the process of scraping something away

Nifty – handy, convenient



A must read for fans of the Hanna-Barbera TV show and a nice read for the beginning of a new year, not one for us though.



Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Pier Brito

Colourist: Alex Sinclair



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