Rumble #1

Image Comics


Rumble welcomes its readers to the world of surreal chaos and sparring gods. John Arcudi writes the continuation on this pivotal tale, and revives the harrowing hero Rathraq, but is he back to his usual self or something much more ancient and formidable? The tale of an ancient warrior, who has been reincarnated through the ages, is a fierce one with lots of twists and turns You also follow the world of an ancient race of monsters, the Esu, so look forward to being sucked into a chaotic and imaginative universe.

Fans will hope to encounter their charming scarecrow friend from previous issues but may find themselves apprehensively fingering the pages of this extension, as it looks as though Rathraq may have developed a more sinister appearance and a taste for blood. The characters are brought forward from previous series and therefore, apart from Rathraq, do not come with too much in depth analysis. However in the short space of time Arcudi has he manages to give new readers a welcoming insight into their history and the story so far. The writing is interesting and humorous with relatable content and a vivacious characters.

David Rubin has a very unique art style that sways between dark and twisted and playfully cartoonish. His characters are full of emotion and narrative, excellently sculpted from ink and they behave in a style that accosts you like an animated screen from paper. Paired with the eclectic colour palette of Dave Stewart, the two navigate John Arcudi’s magical and shadowed world with finesse. Often times when a plethora of colours are used they can clash severely, but Stewart has a keen eye and in this rare case the excessive colour is explosive instead of exhausting.

Quick witted and visually stimulating the history of Rathraq and the fate of the Esu intends to be a thrill ride, and definitely one worth reading.

Use of English:

  • The use of language is not overly complicated
  • Uses of slang
  • Some custom fonts make it difficult to read


Millenia– Thousands of years

To flourish – to excel and grow

Retribution– punishment in the name of vengeance

Specter– spectre, a ghost

“pins” – slang word for leg. in this instance

“You see real” – slang, “you are really seeing this”


Definite recommendation to your subscription list!



Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: John Arcudi

Artist: David Rubin

Colourist: Dave Stewart



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