Giants #1

Dark Horse Comics

Set in a dystopian frozen future, where the outside world has become uninhabitable by hostile weather conditions and unknown beasts; two young brothers, Zedo and Gogi, fight to survive. They have aligned with an underground gang, the Bloodwolves, in order to get by, and must manage to impress them to rise up the ranks and obtain a better life (and preferably fame and fortune to boot). This world depends heavily on a new mysterious fuel source, Ambernoir and the boys are recruited to steal it from the rival gang, the Grim Bastards, and then from the den of a gigantic monster. Their troubles are rife from the beginning as they fail and flounder through their tumultuous existence.

The Valderrama brothers obviously have a lot of their own heart and soul invested in this comic and offer the reader a glimpse of their own fraternal love and friendship. The story is solid and entertaining, perhaps suited to a younger audience, but enjoyable nonetheless. The artwork is complex and dramatic, but retains the features of a child’s cartoon with its wide eyed protagonists, but then soars into technicality with the depiction of its giant aliens and impressive landscapes. Glowing colours for the underworld and stark blues and greys for the surface really distinguish the two worlds in this comic.  

The comic closes with Gogi taking a dramatic plummet from a cliff edge and leaving his brother alone with the creatures.The Valderrama brothers work harmoniously together, unlike their bickering characters, and have compiled a story of fear, friendship and fantasy. There are swear words, and it is a little graphic violence, however this excellent adventure is highly recommended for older kids. I do wonder however if the comic is only a miniseries, why it wasn’t issued as a graphic novel, it would have been a delight to see these four issues compiled into a collection and so much easier for kids to read and for adoring aunts to purchase for them.


Use of English:

  • Invented noun names – e.g. Ambernoir
  • Swear words
  • Slang, “Prez – presumably, president”
  • Onomatopoeia used in speech bubbles


Maneuver – maneuvre, description

Turf – in this case, territory

Unadulterated – unrefined, pure


It’s a five part series, so great for the budget, but also well worth the money.


I would have liked to see it as a graphic novel, and less swear words so it could be shared with a slightly younger audience.


Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Carlos and Miguel Valderrama

Artist:Carlos and Miguel Valderrama

Colourist: Carlos and Miguel Valderrama




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