Robohats.pngROBO HATS #1

Weirdo Comics

Are you looking for a fun starter kit to encourage your kids to love comics? Often with comics, children can struggle reading them, the font being too small or particularly difficult to read, or the content or imagery used being just a little too mature or complex. However, in Robo Hats, Marc Jackson has found a really wonderful balance in easing the young people in your life into comics.

This short but sweet adventure sees Howard Hats and his daughter, Hannah, receive a mysterious package from another time and place. The package contains two advanced Robo Hats and the duo try and work out where they came from! Jackson has created an energetic duo in Howard and Hannah, they are relatable and comical, reflecting real parent child dynamics. Hannah is beloved by children for her impulsive behaviour and colourful word choices, though you may find your children walking away with some new slang. Howard really represents the nervous, sceptical parent whose imagination is kept in check by his bubbly daughter.

The panels are not distracting or unfocused but perfectly compiled for young growing minds to digest. Bright bold artwork, that has a simple, yet memorable style and is accompanied by vibrant block backgrounds, which allows easier reading and viewing. The character design is fun and full of expression as well as quirky details, like Howard not wearing shoes due to the rush of the story; don’t worry Howard, I too, also have finger toes.

Not only aimed at children, this comic is also a perfect way for our non-native English readers! You will also find the content perfect for understanding conversational English. A really enjoyable tale, with the added bonus of being from an independent comic book creator. You can take a look at the full issue online, here.

Use of English:

  • Onomatopoeia
  • Capitalisied font with irregular use of upper and lower case


Dinkus – Idiot

Horsing around – messing around, playing with something

Heck – expression of annoyance

Far-fetched – something that is unbelievable, or unlikely to have happened

Jeez – expression of annoyance or surprise


Independent comics often don’t have a set structure or purchasing options, but if you are after a set of comics that appeal to a varied audience Marc Jackson has you covered.    


Publisher: Weirdo Comics

Writer: Marc Jackson

Artist: Marc Jackson

Colourist: Marc Jackson



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