Ice Cream Man #1

Image Comics

A chilling tale of the innocence of childhood, this opening issue of Ice Cream Man details the strange misdemeanours of a normal suburban neighbourhood. Follow the W. Maxwell Prince’s characters around this hazy dream, and watch your worst nightmares unfold. Demonic voices only you can hear, friendly neighbourhood fiends, venomous spiders and werewolves. Ice Cream Man promises to provide all the goods in this nightmare fantasy.

In writing Ice Cream Man, W.Maxwell Prince has fused various styles together with expertise and created a disturbed comic. The dialogue is earnest and humorous, and include great characters; like a child on the edge, the paranoid cop, and the slimy Ice Cream Man. Altogether providing an engaging read! The scene in which 5V asks for Byron’s name and then immediately tells the child “Fuck you”, is excellent.

Morazzo’s artwork is sketchy, albeit detailed, and filled with glorious horizons of a faux suburbia. It may be due to the colouring of Chris O’Halloran, but the style is vividly reminiscent of André Lima Araújo’s from Generation Gone. There is something malformed about the characters that leaves the images vacant and flat. The facial features, especially, perturb; though it suits the horror genre of this series better than that of Generation Gone. Despite this, the scenery is perfect and O’Halloran’s grip of dusk bathes the comic in a stunning light.

The story concept is original and engaging, using one shot horror tales in every issue. Image is reigniting the way for horror comics with new and explorative devices. Plus, who would miss this beautiful variant cover from Frazer Irving?

Use of English:

American abbreviations, MIA (Missing In Action), IRS (Inland Revenue Services)

Different voices, narrative and dialogue

Quaint colloquialisms, (lickety split – doing something quickly, in a jiffy- in a moment.)


Contortion – a twisted position

Erection – In this case, when penis is stiff or hard.

Foster system – Child services system in which children are temporarily housed with families or in a children’s home

Golly – an exclamation of shock, like gosh, or oh God


One to subscribe to if you love horror, the X Files or general weirdness.



Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince

Artist: Martín Morazzo

Colourist: Chris O’Halloran







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