UrBlkFrndYour Black Friend

Silver Sprocket

A short, yet concise essay in comic style about racism and marginalisation. Take your time when reading Ben Passmore’s raw and honest breakdown of reality. You will learn that you can inadvertently end up breathing new life into stereotypes that should long be dead.
White people, listen up, Passmore has a lot to stay and it’s quite evident that though it’s been said before, we aren’t hearing it! This essay is an exploration of the experience of a young black man living in the USA. Though, in Europe, we are somewhat separated from the gun violence and police brutality that swells in the US. That isn’t to say we aren’t guilty of perpetuating the same racist overtones and undertones here.
Passmore defines the boundaries and stigmas felt by his main character in plain and simple terms. He gives his audience a glimpse into the fear and loathing of a young black man living in America. This piece of work is intense in nature and aims to have its reader evaluate the way in which they interact with those around them, strangers or friends.
Especially for a German audience, this work is extremely important. Germany is a country where there is no word for “blackface”, and it is commonly practised. A place where carnival is rife with the appropriation of minorities’ traditions and appearances. This comic is important to have when raising children in this atmosphere and imperative to the ways in which we educate and give insight to our future generations.
Passmore’s art style is simplistic and colourful, his grasp on colours is typical of the modern zine era with its pop pastel palette. However, used with his content the contrast between colours and imagery is shocking and appealing at the same time. Passmore has also constructed his text heavy panelling wonderfully.
Critical and frank, Passmore combines his edgy artwork with his hopes, fears, and aspirations for change, in this aptly comprised study.

Use of English:

-The English used is not polished, in a seeming attempt to sound more dialectical, expect spelling mistakes and abbreviations

-Use of nouns and slang common to the character’s setting, do what I did and use Google and learn some stuff!


Clad – covered in

(I’ll give you this one) Po’ Boy – A sandwich native to Louisiana.

Sketchy – suspicious looking

To blunder – to make a stupid or careless mistake, acting without thinking

Blackface – a white person colouring their face to look black


Ben Passmore has a new comic out in April called DAYGLOAYHOLE.



Publisher: Silver Sprocket

Writer: Ben Passmore

Artist: Ben Passmore

Colourist: Ben Passmore



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